Hello and welcome to Frago Tactical! This the beginning of a long journey, I can tell. First off, I want to say, thank you so much for checking us out. Secondly, if you ever need us, let me know and we will be there. Whether it be just a shoot the breeze situation, questions or opinions about current events, which superhero is the best, whatever you need, one of will be there. 

I suppose I could explain the selection of the name, Frago Tactical. Over the course of my life, whether it be in the Army or in private sector, changes happen. Shit goes down, people go missing(not as in the missing like murder or whatever, but don't show up for duty because they are still drunk), whatever. I've seen people crumple under pressure, I have too, we all have. This is the source of the name. In "the culture, a frago is a change to the primary mission, or a Fragmentary Order. This means the situation may change before the mission begins, or essentially your day goes to shit. Murphy's Law. Yet we have no choice to adapt, to manage through our situations and make it out. So that is where Frago Tactical comes from, being ready for any and all situations. Feel free to drop us a line, just let us know anything going on, and we will guarantee to get back to you.