About Us

Who is Frago Tactical?
First off, a little explanation of the word. "Frago, or Fragmentary Order, is a change in the Operations Order that does not require a wholesale change, but determines changes to an already existing order"
How would one be able to apply this philosophy to their everyday lives? Simply put: to be adaptable and prepared for anything. That is where we come in!
Frago Tactical is a Veteran Owned and Operated collection in the tactical and readiness industry, delivering packs, pants, gloves, and other survival gear. While we have these to offer already, we continuously look to improve, add new products, and rotate others out to only offer the best.
We are also in the business of giving back. 5% of every order goes to H.O.O.A.H., Inc. or Helping Out Our America Heroes, Inc., a 100% Volunteer organization benefiting our veterans and their families.

100% Veteran Owned and Operated!!

Blanch, Founder
A fourth generation service member, Khris Blanchard, or "Blanch", founded Frago Tactical as a way to give back to the community he was attached to for so long.