Folding Multipurpose Shovel

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With a durable aluminum alloy construction and knurled grip, this folding shovel is invaluable for your next task. Whether you're working at home or on the go, it will provide reliable practicality thanks to its multifunctional design and separate multitool built into the handle. Once you take your shovel apart, the hidden multitool features a rope cut, a knife, an optional glass break, and a mini saw. On the shovel head itself you will find a hex nut screw, a bottle opener, serrated edge, and a CM ruler. Heading up the strap you will find a simple compass. A locking collar keeps it folded when it's not in use. 

- Total length: 29.13 inches 
- Length of shovel head: 6.5 inches 
- Width: 5.12 inches 
- Thickness: 0.1 inches 

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