Professional Military Lensatic Compass

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This military grade, practically indestructible compass uses a true sighting optic that allows you a direct read of the internal compass card housed in the fluid filled capsule. On top of that the vertical line of the sighting optic lets you take full advantage of the 1 degree resolution used on the compass card, making shooting an azimuth and sticking to it a breeze. This handy piece of necessary survival gear also features a clinometer, allowing the measuring of differences in height and slopes.
Great for hunting, hiking, survival, camping, navigation over rough terrain, base camps, on mission, you name it. 

Foldable metal lid with window and sighting line

Floating compass dial with 360˚ scale

Luminous magnet arrow Adjustable prism lens

Military precision, the deviation of 1 degree or less Minimum score value.
Working temperature: - 20 C ~ + 50 C
Fluorescent dribbling fluorescent display.

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