Survival Kit 2.0

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29 in 1 New SOS Survival Outdoor EDC Paracord Survival Kit Emergency EDC Gear.

A variety from a survival kit is essential to meet the high standards of the word "survival". The design and input of ingredients is born out of necessity and this kit includes it all. Our survival tool kit features a quick dismantling function, with even the shell made out of paracord for a variety of uses, from ascension of equipment, to splinting, and a hundred other uses.  It simply features essentials that you would not expect to need until you do. 
1x a disinfection blade
1x sewing needle
1x the fire package,
1x aluminum foil
2x of alcohol cotton,
2x band-Aid
2x fish Hooks
2x Lead fall
2x connectors
2x Float
5m fishing line
1x Whistle
1x multi-function tool card,
1x mini flashlight,
1x linesaw
2x buckle needle
2x paper clip

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